Recent News

Recent News

May 1, from Jonathan, Update

Good afternoon,

John's surgery was successful. He will have to be off the lef for at least 4 weeks. They said that the recovery time could take a while (6-12 months). They plan to keep him overnight to watch for swelling. He should go home tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

May 1, from Jonathan

Last night, John McCauley had a motorcycle accident. He hit some gravel and the bike laid down. He ended up in a ditch and the bike hit a tree. They took him to the hospital and discovered that he had a spiral fracture in his lower leg, just above the ankle. Both the tibia and fibula are broken. They transferred him to Methodist hospital and he will have surgery this morning at 11. Sonya said that they are trying to keep him comfortable and he is ok as long as he doesn't move. Please pray for John, the doctors, Sonya, and the rest of the family!


I will send another update after surgery, hopefully with more information.