From Our Members

From Our Members

“Achieving Our Spiritual Goals”

Series: Member Sermons

The first of the year is often a time to evaluate and adjust our lives for the better. How many of those changes are spiritual in nature? And how many of those changes last after the first few weeks? To make changes that last, there usually is a reward involved when your goal is met. 

While setting spiritual goals, our reward is heaven. And there are many examples for us of those who set spiritual goals and achieved them. Hebrews 11 speaks to those examples. Even though they failed along the way, they were ultimately able to achieve their goal. They had their hinderances, but they overcame. There were times when they wanted to quit, but they kept going. 

Heb. 12:1-11. How? We fix our eyes on Jesus. We consider Jesus as our example. We understand and appreciate the value in God’s discipline for us. How far are we willing to go to achieve our spiritual goals.