From Our Members

From Our Members

“God's Provisions and God's Promises”

Series: Member Sermons

Joshua 1:1-9

God is a provider and He keeps His promises. 

Gen 2:8, 3:17

Adam and Eve in the garden

Gen 7:1



God's Covenant with Noah and every living creature 

Gen 12; 17:6; 20:11

Abram and God's Covenant...the Lord provides

We need to remember these promises.

Ex 23:20-33 These promises have conditions. We have to do our part.

Jos 5:1 No man can stand against you with God

Jos 1:7 ...Do all the law...

Deut 12:29 Reinforcing what He told Joshua

The law needs to constantly be on the mind and in your mouth. 

How do we face trials today? Are we turning to the scriptures today? Do we seek God's help to climb the mountain?

We will prosper if we keep God's law. 

Matt 10:16-26, 32-39 Apostles trusted in God and His promises.

When we face trials, is God's law on our lips and in our hearts? Do we trust God will keep His promises to us? Do we gain faith from these real examples written down for us in God's Word. 

Remember God will keep His promises but we have to do our part.